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The Door by Kayla Cook


A New Door Opens 

Originally published on this site on Aug. 19, 2020; By Kayla Cook

Softly I feel it stirring

deep under my skin,

under frost and darkness,

beyond remembered sin.

Out of pain and fear it seeps,

unfurling rays of light.

Through icy blood it creeps,

shattering eternal night.

Numbness fades and life returns,

silent eventide recedes:

Dawn breaks anew and brightens all,

sorrow slowly leaves.

Your compassion thawed my heart,

awakened me once more.

Leave me now, alone, unsure,

and you’ll forever close this door.


Copyright Ⓒ 2018 by Kayla Cook


This poem was first published on in December of 2018 under my alias “Allerion” in response to a prompt where members were encouraged to write a poem inspired by the Evanescence song, "Bring Me to Life."