About Kayla's main work-in-progress (WIP):

My current WIP is a New Adult high fantasy novel that focuses on a young woman who was born with unique magical abilities in a world where, while magic isn't outlawed, those with magical abilities are typically ostracized. In the hopes of finding a relative who's been missing for around a decade, this young woman embarks on a dangerous quest that will force her to confront dark secrets concerning her past, present, and future that may just impact the entire world.

Current status of Kayla's WIP:

Being revised

Updated Aug. 10. 2021
I finished my main WIP in 2020. Now I'm revising it because my last round of editing and my start on the sequel revealed some major plot holes. I'm also trying to trim the word count from its current 127,000 word mark to at least 120,000 words.
Concept Art:

Artwork I created for my WIP...

(This one was sort of a gag. My mother always ragged on me for not showing all the limbs of the animals I drew, hence the notes in this pic.)
I also have other works-in-progress. One is a dark poetry collection and another is an anthology of short stories in the genre of dark fantasy/supernatural. I plan to self publish both collections, and when I do, I will share them here.


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