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Current status of Kayla's work in progress:


I finished it earlier this year. I've already edited it . . . um . . . Well, I lost count of how many times I've edited it so far, but since I've made a few minor tweaks to it, I feel I need to edit it at least one more time. I've been working on the second book in the series, also, and I'm about a third of the way through it. Right now, the word count of the first book is around 126,000 words, so if I can, I'm going to shave it down even more with this last round of editing.

As for what it's about, it is a YA high fantasy novel that focuses on a young woman who was born with certain magical powers, such as the ability to manipulate various elements. In the hopes of finding a relative who's been missing for around a decade, this young woman accepts a mission that will force her to confront dark secrets concerning her past, present, and future that may just impact the entire world.

I intended this book to be a standalone, but as I wrote it, I realized there was far more to it than I could fit into one book without rushing things. At the same time, I think I would have to milk it too thin to fit a third book into the series, unless that book is a prequel. So, with the plot I currently have mapped out, it appears it's going to be a duology, which is somewhat awkward but that's fitting for me.

I've created a lot of artwork for this duology, much of which is either traditional (I drew it with graphite on paper) or unfinished. The traditional work I created will have to be scanned into my computer before I can share any of it, but I did find one picture I created a while ago that is finished enough to share now. This is a dragon from the world I created. I need to update the wings and finish this, but here it is:

I scanned in some traditional art I did for my WIP. Here are a couple pieces I did years ago in graphite.

(This one was sort of a gag. My mother always ragged on me for not showing all the limbs of the animals I drew, hence the notes in this pic.)
For Halloween (2020), I did a cosplay that mixed the main character from my YA novel with a sort of Rose the Hat (from the Doctor Sleep movie based on the Stephen King book of the same name) vibe. The mix was kind of necessary because I didn't have everything I needed to pull off just my main character. Maybe next year I'll be able to get it closer, but it was still fun! At least I was able to capture her attitude.


I also have other works in progress. One is a dark poetry collection and another is an anthology of short stories in the genre of dark fantasy/supernatural. I plan to self publish both collections, and when I do, I will share them here.


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