Weeping Skies by Kayla Cook


The World Weeps With Me
 By Kayla Cook

The sky weeps upon the shattered walkway, 

soaking the cracked pavement with its tears, 

churning the lake water into a murky mess. 

Puddles form here and there, reflecting the 

sky’s pain back up to its azure countenance. 

In my room, alone and small, I shed my own. 

They spill from my eyes and slide down my face, 

the trails they leave as invisible as my scars. 

They collect at the razor edge of my chin before 

falling to meet the faded pages of my story. 




Fall the tears on both sides of the foggy window  

that faintly reflects my frail features back to me.  

As I sit in my room, small and alone,  

The world weeps with me. 

Together we let our pain water the seeds of our future, 

Hoping for something better but knowing the soil is sour.
Copyright Ⓒ 2020 by Kayla Cook