Hi, there! Ill get right to it.

For those who dont know, I am also a book reviewer. Most authors want as many reviews as they can get, but I can only provide one per author. So, when authors contact me about a review, I’ve gotten into the habit of sharing links to other review services with them, but I’m not always able to recall all the links Ive found. 

In the spirit of helping authors connect with more reviewers, I’ve decided to just create a kind of directory of reviewers on my review site for authors to peruse. Since I’m already going to be doing the work to compile this directory, I decided maybe it would be helpful to also include interviewers and other bookish influencers. That’s just to start. I may further expand the directory in the future.

Baby steps.

I’m still in the process of compiling this Book Services Directory,so it is very small right now. If you’re a legitimate book reviewer, blogger/vlogger, or author interviewer and you’d like me to add you to the directory, please share a link to whatever relevant site(s) you’d like me to include. These site(s) may be your own book blogs/vlogs, YouTube (BookTube) channels, Instagram or other social media profiles, Goodreads profiles, or any other site of your own on which you regularly post your content. 

Emphasis on “relevant.” For instance, if you discuss specific books on, say, your YouTube channel and youre open to authors possibly querying you to include their work in a video, you can send me the link to that channel, but if you have another channel focused on lawn equipment reviews, I don’t want that one.

It would be most helpful if the links you provide allow authors to find a means to read your guidelines/policies, peruse your past work (as in the case of reviewers), and contact you. I may not add all the links I’m sent to the directory. Examples of links I won’t add are those that are broken, those that lead to irrelevant sites, and those that make a warning pop up on my browser (duh). 

I’m most interested in your primary sites, and if you send me multiple sites, I may only list the one I feel is most relevant for the sake of brevity. For example, if I were to put myself in the directory, I’d only include a link to my primary review site, Kayla C. Reviews. I have other profiles where my reviews appear, such as on Goodreads, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but my primary site has my guidelines and lists all those other links on my contact page.

So, that’s my latest call to action. I really hope I get a good flood of relevant, legitimate links. Gotta be specific, right? The more the merrier. Remember, the main point of this is to help authors who are trying to publicize/promote their books. Keep that in mind when sending me your links. You can share them with me in a comment, message, or email

Of course, if you send me your links but change your mind about wanting them included, just let me know. They won’t be set in stone or anything, and I, of course, reserve the right to remove any or all links for whatever reason.

Thank you in advance! Best of luck to all the authors out there.

Write on!