Fall colors coming in.

October is finally upon us and, as mentioned in previous posts, I plan to celebrate Halloween by hosting a Halloween Review Spree. I’ll be sharing two to three reviews of dark or Halloween-themed literature per week on my review site throughout October, starting tomorrow with The Ancient Ones by Cassandra L. Thompson.

I have a couple of horror shorts ready to go, so you may see them pop up throughout October on this author website, but other than that I may take a break from blogging here for a month or two (or I may just simply lessen the number of posts per month) for personal reasons.

So, basically, I’m not giving up on my author website. I’m still going to keep up with other aspects of it, I’ll just be easing up on the blog posts for now. Below, you’ll find my Halloween Review Spree lineup, along with the dates I plan to post the reviews and the links (in red) to view the books.

Be aware that these dates may change and I may not fit in all the books that I plan to. I have two left to read and review still. However, rest assured, I’ll give it my all and see where that gets me.

Take care, everyone. Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween.




Oct. 1: The Ancient Ones by Cassandra L. Thompson

Oct. 4: Liner by Chris Coppel

Oct. 6: Snuggle with the Strange by Liane Carter

Oct. 8: Legacy by Chris Coppel

Oct. 11: The Midnight Man by Caroline Mitchell

Oct. 13: Death by the River by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

Oct. 19: Petrichor by Melanie Rees

Oct. 22: Planet Scumm Issue #11: Snake Eyes    

Oct. 25: All-American Werewolf by Antonio Ricardo-Scozze

Oct. 27: Vampire’s Key by PG Devlim

Oct. 29: Winterset Hollow by Jonathan Edward Durham

Oct. 31: Here Comes the Witch by Ani Gonzalez