Thanks to a combination of submissions to my Halloween Review Spree and my continuous hunt for books, my August to-be-read roster is full! There were a few slots already taken on it by books that aren’t for the spree, so it didn’t take long for the rest of the roster to get filled up. I also cut the list a bit short because I accepted a couple of books that are slightly longer than I typically read. I’m still adding to my September roster, though, and if any spots open up again on my August roster because I finish one or more books quicker than planned, I’ll put out an update.

See below for the Halloween Review Spree books I’ve placed on my August TBR roster: 


Snuggle with the Strange by Liane Carter 
Thanks to Lola's Blog Tours and the author.
Vampire's Key by PG Devlim 
Thanks to the author.

Legacy by Chris Coppel 

Thanks to Edelweiss+ and the author.

All-American Werewolf by Antonio Ricardo Scozze 

Thanks to the author.


To the authors out there who may be interested in joining my Halloween Review Spree: Queries are currently open until October 5th. For full details and guidelines, please visit either of these links:

Official Halloween Review Spree Page

Halloween Review Spree Blog Post


What are you reading this month?