Reaching Out by Kayla Cook

Reaching Out

 By Kayla Cook


I reach out with my words—

simple lines scribbled on stark white sheets,

whispered on soft, time-silvered breaths,

shrieked from soul-deep shadows and light—

severed from my heart of hearts

to sail, skip, seep, slip into yours—

or try.

Whether scribed, sighed, or screamed,

my words seem to strike the same walls

again and again, never allowed entry.

Or maybe they speed into the void of space,

lost amidst all the other signals.

Still I reach out, spanning the space between,

seeking you out with speech and those

scrawled stains on slippery pages.

One of these days, I’m sure my words will get through

to you, kindred spirits, dearest friends, those who I have

yet to meet and those who have slipped out of reach.


Copyright Ⓒ 2021 by Kayla Cook