Other Work

This is for links to Kayla's poetry, short stories, essays, and perhaps one day even some chapter excerpts from her novels. We'll see where it goes. Contrary to how Kayla was doing it before, she is now posting such work in her blog before adding links to it here. All the work posted on this site is copyrighted by Kayla Cook. If you share any of Kayla's work, please make sure the proper attribution to Kayla is mentioned in your post. Thank you!


Short Stories:

Whipped Cream and Cheesecake

A Somnus Christmas

A Good Day for Grilling



Monologue: Memories in Snow


Interviews Kayla has been featured in:


  1. Nicely done. Deep and dark, comforting yet unsettling.

    1. Thank you :) That's what I was going for! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll be taking this poem down next week or so, but "The Dark Forest" will be available in my Poetry Archive above if you ever desire to revisit it.

  2. Yes... Knowledge can be a blessing, that guards the guided ones out of harms way.... Many have suffered greatly to be able to bare such knowledge, better to have served a purpose, to guide others...So as not to be in vain. Blessed are they whom can take their pain, and put it forward, as to try and bring good into this world <3 Thank you babe, for sharing that light, through all of the darkness <3 I love you...